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From the Master Diet Family

The following recipes are for your enjoyment. Each of them includes the nutritional values for one serving of the recipe so you can add them to your personal food list if you like.  We encourage you to submit your favorite recipes to share with our members, or for a personal analysis.

Send your submissions to or mail them to:

Master Diet, Inc.
P.O. Box 8775
Jacksonville, FL 32239

Some boxes in the tables are left blank. This does not mean it is zero. It simply means the item is not recorded. If you decide to use these recipes often you can enter the information into your private food list to make it convenient to record.


Complete listing of Recipes

Casseroles                                                            Back to top
Beef Casserole Supreme
       Chicken and Rice

Desserts                                                                  Back to top
Cheesecake(low fat)
        Strawberry Tart
Key Lime Pie (low fat)

Entrees                                                                    Back to top
Chicken Cacciatore
       Mexican Lasagna
Pollo De Mexico

Meats                                                                       Back to top
Meat Loaf

Misc.                                                                        Back to top
Crab Pasta Salad

Snacks                                                                   Back to top

Soups & Stews                                              Back to top
Vegetable Beef Stew

Vegetables                                                         Back to top