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Join Master Diet

You are on your way to a NEW and BETTER you!

You can NOW ignore the Pricing Below.  You can now join for free!  Soon you will be able to automatically enroll but for now just click the "Enter" button below and continue the enrollment process.

We are rebuilding the site and giving it a fresh look so Give us a day to validate your account and then you can enjoy the full benefits of the program.

Plans Initial Price Billing Method Cost/Day
3 Month Rate $14.95   x  3 $ 44.85 one time - 14.95/month billed after the 3rd month. $0.48
6 Month Rate $13.95   x  6 $ 83.70 one time - 13.95/month billed after the 6th month. $0.45
12 Month Rate $12.95   x  12 $155.40 one time - 12.95/month billed after 12th month. $0.42

After the initial period, you will be billed automatically at the monthly rate listed for your plan unless we receive a cancellation notice.    Cancellation  notices received less than five days from the end of month, will be effective the next month.

Cancellations may be made by e-mail or postal service, and will be considered effective when received by our office.  To validate your cancellation please use your user name and password in your cancellation notice.

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