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       I went on the Master Diet program almost three years ago. I lost 45 pounds and I have kept it off by just eating according to what I learned. I don't weigh my food, I don't count calories, I don't try to go "fat-free." I don't even concern myself with it that much. I learned how to eat regular food and it's as simple as that.        Back to top


       Master Diet makes dieting as fun as a game. I think the computer interaction, charts and graphs are great. Without trying I learned a lot about food and nutrition and most importantly about balance in a diet.                                                        Back to top


       I never wanted to diet because I like to eat and diets always meant starving. I found that on Master Diet you can actually eat a lot while you lose weight. Volume is not a problem. You can eat a lot or a little. The secret is in the balance.                             Back to top

Business Man

       It's just a process of learning what you are doing wrong. Once you know and have applied it, you no longer have to worry over it.
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       My daughter went on the Master Diet and lost about 25 pounds. The weight loss was impressive. She has kept the weight off for over a year and even through a pregnancy and nursing. She is healthy and the baby who nurses exclusively is healthy.                 Back to top

High School Coach

       I am in charge of more than one hundred school athletes and have been looking for a way to get them to watch their diets. What I like about Master Diet is that it is a nutrition program not a weight loss program. My athletes can gain weight, lose weight, or maintain weight on this program without giving up performance.
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       As a physician, I think Master Diet can be a wonderful tool to keep patients on necessary diets and it gives me a good look at their eating habits and results. It's hard for them to hide what they are doing.                                                                       Back to top


       After the birth of my second child, I lost my "baby weight," but soon began gaining weight. It crept up and eventually I had gained 25 pounds. Eventually I decided to get used to "the new me."
       I reasoned, I was older now, and had two babies and "this is just the way it is." This lasted for five years and during this time I started having health problems. I was constantly tired, suffered from joint pain and my chest hurt when I took a deep breath. By this time, I had gained 45 pounds.
       I changed doctors and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and a
system imbalance. My doctor told me what to do nutritionally and that another patient of hers had developed a diet with a way to track everything and easily keep up with the caloric, fat, carbohydrate limits she said I should maintain. She really encouraged me to use his system.
       At first I thought I could just eat every four hours and avoid sugar and I would be fine, but that didn't help. So, March 1996, I began using the Master Diet and loved it. By August I had lost 29 pounds. Praise God! It was simple and easy to use - I only had to register what I ate and not go over my totals for each day. I could really eat anything I wanted as long as I balanced for the day. I was so thankful and so pleased! I was back to a normal size for my 5'4" frame and feeling a lot better too. I found that using Master Diet and eating natural foods helped me alleviate the rest of my symptoms.
       Now, with my "new" healthy body, God has blessed us with a third child. This pregnancy was very different from my first two. This time, I had a very healthy, trouble-free pregnancy, my labor was much easier and my body did much better, even though I was much older this time (29 years old). And best of all, my baby was a nice, big, healthy, 8 pound baby girl - with not a single problem.
       At one month after the baby was born, I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. At six weeks I weighed 2 pounds less than before the pregnancy and since then I have lost more weight. I feel wonderful now!
       I know the difference is due to my improved health due to my weight loss and the healthful eating habits I attained through Master Diet, and I thank God for it!                                       Back to top

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