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Master Diet

Master Diet was originally developed as a by-product of a doctor's order to lose weight and a nutritionist's request to monitor the results of the diet.  It is based on the fact that no two people are the same and that Genetics, Geography, and Activity all play a significant role in a person's diet.  Today, Master Diet has the input and oversight of Plastic Surgeons, an Internist, and Dietitians to insure a healthy diet that can be  tailored to your specific needs.

MASTER DIET is a no-nonsense diet system that anyone can use. It is a "Diet System", not merely a weight loss program.  Use it to lose, maintain weight, train for athletic events, to monitor your nutritional intake for medical reasons, or if needed you can use it to gain weight.

MASTER DIET is a tool. This system can be used as a Stand-Alone diet program using our recommendations for healthy weight loss.  You and also use it to enhance any diet you may already be using.  Master Diet is a telemetry system, of sorts, that tracks what you have done, provides current information for daily analysis, and projects future results.

MASTER DIET is a reference source. It simplifies decisions like which foods to eat by giving comparisons along with pertinent nutritional information.  It has a recipe library and nutritional analysis for each recipe.

MASTER DIET is encouragement. Without giving up your anonymity, going to meetings, or embarrassing "weigh-ins", you get the advantage of group support and individual encouragement. "We are in this together."

At Master Diet we have learned that a person's diet, like everything in life, must be in balance.  We all know that if we eat too much we gain weight, and if we eat less we lose weight.  What many of us tend to underestimate is the importance of a balanced diet.  Balancing Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins is a very important part of a healthy diet.

  The main reasons for failure in dieting are:
1. Lack of adequate motivation and/or
2. Lack of definable goals.
3. Complexity of the diet.
4. Lack of reliable information and feedback.

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Read the Features to see how Master Diet has addressed each of these to insure your success.

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