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Master Diet

Food Charts
Master Diet provides a food list of more than two thousand foods with nutritional information about each one. This list is designed to allow you to enter the quantities you have consumed.  The computer then tracks your diet from the entries you make. The food list contains common foods that most people eat and is being updated regularly. We also will add foods that are requested by our members.

Personal Food List
The personal food list is a very important feature.  Your personal food list allows you to select foods from the main food list and transfer them into your list.  By doing this it allows you to quickly enter the foods you commonly use without having to go through and enter eat food by category.  Its like having all of your common foods in one category.     

Charts & Graphs
Feedback is very important to a successful diet. Master Diet provides an excellent form of feedback for you.  At any time, you can print out a chart that plots your Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins in a graphic form so you can see exactly what is happening in your case. This will help you identify what is causing plateaus and etc., so you can easily see which areas you need to concentrate on to make your diet more successful.

A second table is for those of you monitoring your diet or who have a physician monitoring it. This table is printed out for a two week period showing (on a daily basis), exactly what your consumption has been.

A third chart plots you weight so you can see your progress.

Recipe Section
Our recipe section lists several healthy recipes that our members have sent in. We break them down and give you the nutritional information necessary to include it in your Master Diet Personal Food List.  We also offer to analyze up to three of your favorite recipes so you can use them.

Conversion Table
A handy conversion table is available to help you convert quantities quickly and automatically.  This chart automatically converts any unit of measure to another.  You simply enter the quantity you have (i.e., 2.7 ounces) and the table will tell you exactly how many teaspoons, ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, liters, and kiloliters you have.

This conversion table is available from the main menu or in the Data Entry section so you can use it while you are entering data.

Exercise Chart
This tells you how many calories you will burn when you exercise.  You select the type of exercise, intensity, and duration. The information us used by the computer when calculating your daily performance or planning your workouts.

Personal Data Chart
This chart calculates your body fat and caloric requirements for: 1). Your present weight, 2). Use during your diet, and 3). Use after you have achieved the desired weight.

Tips & Suggestions
This is a collection of tips & suggestions that people have used successfully during their diets.

Chat Page
We are providing a Chat Window so you can communicate directly with other people using the Master Diet program. You can communicate with anyone in the world live or leave messages and develop friendships and help encourage each other, share recipes, and learn some new foods you can incorporate into your diet.

Questions and Answers
We have a Question and Answer section which lists the more common questions asked. We also encourage you to communicate with us so we can answer your questions.  If we feel your question would be of common interest we may include it in our Q&A page.

We want you to know exactly how everything works.  In the help section we give you clear instructions on how to use the program and we provide you with Daily Log Sheets and other helpful items.

Universally Available
You'll be able to use your own Master Diet site from any computer with access to the internet.  No more "blowing the diet" because you're in a strange hotel room somewhere.   Any computer can get you connected any where in the world.

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