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Tips & Suggestions

Starting a diet is as hard as changing any habit in life.  To make dieting easier, we have gathered some tips we have learned, and some taught to us by some of you. So, if you are a serious dieter or someone just monitoring their eating habits, we believe there is something here for you.

If you have tips you would like to share,  send them to us and maybe we can include them on this page.

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Buying Food

  1. The leanest meat you can get in the grocery store is often the least expensive. Many grocers have specials on large cuts of meat that can be ground or cut into steaks for no extra charge. Where I shop, the cheapest hamburger cost $1.99 lb. But, if I watch for sales I can have top round trimmed and ground for $1.96 per pound. Top round is so lean there is often no fat to drain off.

  2. Don’t be fooled by the term "Low Fat" on the package. Check the Carbohydrates and Protein also.

  3. Minute Rice is much better for your diet than whole white rice. Check the numbers.  Wild rice is better still.     Back to Top


  1. Use cooking sprays instead of oil when you can.
  2. Use a little water with lean ground beef to get it started cooking instead of oil.                                                              Back to Top


  1. When you get that craving for candy, I find that keeping frozen fruit in the freezer helps a lot. Slice some bananas, peaches, and strawberries and freeze them along with whole grapes and blueberries. When you get "the craving," pop one or two in your mouth and the craving is gone.

  2. Drink 4 oz of water then 2 oz of soft drink.  Your mind and taste buds think you have had 6 oz of soft drink.         Back to Top

Curbing Appetite

  1. A trick I learned from wilderness survival training is to select two small stones and keep them in your mouth when you are working or watching TV. The stones give your mouth something to do and take your mind off of food and drink. The trick is to only use 2 stones. One is not enough and three might make you swallow one.  Two stones work very well.  An added bonus is that it cleans plaque from your teeth.

  2. I found that if I always drink about cup of water before I eat, I always eat less. The water takes up space in the stomach and make it think it is full sooner so you eat less.
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  1. Weighing and measuring food is one of the biggest complaints about diets. Although, we recommend measuring portions in the beginning, only do learn what portions look like.  After that, check your skill occasionally to keep it accurate.

  2. Spread your food intake out over the entire day. Eating six or seven times a day is better than eating just two or three times as long as you consume the same total amount for the day.

  3. The volume of food you eat on your diet is determined by the particular foods you choose to eat. If you want to eat more quantity, make better decisions on what you are going to eat.

  4. Popcorn (Air popped) -  I don't know if you have noticed or not but air popped popcorn taste like paper . . . unless you use spray butter on it.  Popcorn is a good "filler snack" when you are hungry but don’t have many calories left for the day. A little butter spray allows the salt to stick.  With a little practice you can make it taste almost as good as theater popcorn.                                                                                                Back to Top

Meal Planning

  1. By planning and alternating just 14 supper meals in your diet plan will give you more variety than the average person gets in their diet.  Include meals at restaurants to give yourself variety of atmosphere, it makes dieting a lot more pleasurable.

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