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                                                                   September 2007

Reset Your Metabolic Rate in the morning!

     Did you know that you can help set your metabolism rate?  There is evidence that you can actually help raise you body's metabolism rate by raising your heart rate early in the day.
     It was discovered that as soon as you get out of bed in the morning you should do enough exercise to raise you heart rate to 80% of you body's max heart rate for just a few minutes.  This will raise you body's metabolism for the rest of the day.
     This is not to say that this is enough exercise for you.  It is just enough to raise the metabolic rate.  You should continue exercising for all of the other health benefits.
     How do you figure 80% of your Max Heart Rate?  It is easy.  You simply take the number 220 and subtract your age, them multiply the answer by .8.
     By the way 80% of your max heart rate is also the most healthy and most efficient rate at which you should exercise.



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We will be happy to send them more information about Master Diet and how it can make their job easier.



We are looking for recipes to include in our recipe section of the Master Diet web site.

We are looking for all types of healthy recipes including diabetic and holiday meals.

Please specify if your recipe is for people trying to lose weight, gain weight, diabetics, athletic training, etc.


Finally Getting Back on Track

     Here in Florida, we have had no rain, then severe thunderstorms, two  hurricanes on either side of us, and now we are building our site.

     So far we have been able to avoid any interference with those using the site (except for the feedback section.  We will do our best to keep everything working but the changes are well worth any inconvenience

     Master Diet is now free, and we are associated with a team of four doctors who not only oversee the entire program but have added a new dimension to Master Diet.  We are providing specific information about medical conditions that effect your diet.  Conditions such as diabetes, gout, diverticulitis, hypertension, gout, and pregnancy, just to name a few.

     If you have specific questions that cannot be answered in the Questions and Answers section your coach can take your question to the doctors for a direct medical opinion.

We also have a blog that you can communicate with other dieters and direct email to your coach. 

I believe you are going to be pleased with the new Master Diet and again I want to thank you for bearing with us.

Tips that Help

     Having hot soup in your diet every day can help you lose weight.  It even works better if you spice it up.  Why?  Hot soup has been reported to do several thing for you.
     First, it stimulates the body's digestive system and the food passes through faster causing the body to get less from the food.
     Secondly, it help maintain regularity thereby evening the average of food waste in the bowel.
    Thirdly,  helps keep the food waste more fluid, and lastly it is filling.

     Don't be surprised if you lose several pounds right away when you make hot soup a regular part of your diet.
     This technique works so well at first that a lot of the so called "Miracle Diets" use it to be able to boast of fantastic weight losses in very short times.
     There are many good and healthy reasons to continue using Hot Soups in your diet for as long as you want.  But realize, the fast weight loss is usually confined to first few days.



     Master Diet allows you to track your Carbohydrates during the course of a day to see how much you have used and how much you have left for the day but it can't tell you what time of day to eat them.
     Is it important to know when you eat them?  For the generally healthy body the answer to this question is no. But, you should consume them more in the morning and taper off as the day goes on.

     When you consume carbohydrates and the type of carbohydrates does make a difference if you have certain medical conditions such as diabetes.  (see: Diabetes in our medical information section)


Athletes, Did you know...?

     I'm sure if you are an Olympic athlete you probably already know how to determine how hard to workout each day.  But many amateur athletes don't know this simple process.
     When you work out you tire the body and when you rest you are cleaning up the damage done and preparing the body for the next session.
     The rest in bed is very important because this the body's main recovery time.  If the body has not fully recovered from  yesterday you need to cut back on your training so the body can catch up the next night.
     The easiest way to determine the body's state is to take your heart rate before you get out of bed.  If you will do this for three to five days you will be able to determine the body's true resting heart rate.
     Then, when you get up, if your heart rate is high you should hold off on your training.   If it is just a little high you should cut your routine just a little.  If it is low, you can go all out for the day.
     Remember, exercising at a rate higher than 80% of your max heart rate or exercising late at night will make it difficult for the body to fully recover before morning.

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