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Updates and Notes


Check out the new newsletter.  Send in your success, funny, or interesting stories, we would like to share them with other members.

Conversion table -
Try out the new conversion table.  You can instantly convert any measure to any other measure you might need.  You can also call it up on the bottom of the food entry screen when you are entering food into your personal food list.  It makes it easy to convert amounts while you are entering them.

Message Board -
Check it out.  We have a message board so you can leave messages for other people using the Master Diet.  Try it out.  You can leave messages or questions.

Personal food list -
Alphabetizes your list automatically.  This helps you find your foods a lot easier.   You can group you foods by starting all descriptions in a food group the same.   Go into the "modify foods" under "Personal food list" and change the description.  Example: I start all beverages with "Bev-" this not only groups all beverages, it also list them alphabetically within the group.

Remove unwanted items from the personal food list.  Under "Personal food list" a new menu item was added call "Remove a food."  Just select the food you want to remove and submit.

General and private foods included when you review/correct entries.

Daily Logs -
You can download daily log sheets from the help section.  These sheets make it easy to keep track of what you have eaten while you are away from the computer.  Just go to the help section, select daily logs, and use the link that will take you to the log page.  Use your broswers print function to print the page.

Recipe Section -
Print only the recipe you want without getting the whole list.   Select the one you want and use the browser's print function.


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